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Selinger government fiscal update includes daycare spending: sources

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Glover, Chris & Glowacki, Laura
Publication Date: 
8 Mar 2016



The NDP will spend $35.5 million more on building daycares and paying for child-care operating costs if re-elected, government sources tell CBC.

Premier Greg Selinger is set to release the NDP's fiscal update on Tuesday.

In it, the NDP earmarks an additional $10.5 million to pay for salaries and other operating costs associated with child care and $25 million more to pay for building new child-care centres.

The NDP has a longstanding promise to create 12,000 more daycare spaces in Manitoba by 2020.

In December, Selinger indicated his government is looking to raise taxes on high-income earners. Selinger told CBC if the new tax will be introduced in 2016, details about it would appear in Tuesday's fiscal update.

The Opposition Progressive Conservatives already call the fiscal update a "fantasy budget."

-reprinted CBC News Manitoba