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Loathed. And praised

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Letter to the editor
Friendly, Martha
Publication Date: 
30 Aug 2016



Re: It Was The Man So Many Loathed, Not His Record (Aug. 27)

Many loathed both Stephen Harper and his record. The child-care community loathed his cancellation of the 2005 national child-care program and decade-long refusal to recognize child care as a 21st century societal necessity.

Beyond child care, recollect Mr. Harper’s record: vilification of data and science, denigration of climate change, undermining food and rail safety, his approach to criminal justice, foreign policy, women’s equality, indigenous Canadians, tax policy etc.

Did I mention disregard of parliamentary democracy, centralization of power, weakening the public service and shrinking the role of the federal government?

Reducing distress about the decade-long undermining of Canada to mere loathing of “the man” trivializes profound objections to the Harper record.

Martha Friendly, executive director, Childcare Resource and Research Unit

-reprinted from Globe and Mail