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Consulting Canadians on Poverty Reduction

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Employment and Social Development Canada
Fact sheet
Publication Date: 
31 Jan 2017


What this consultation will focus on

The Government of Canada is committed to the development of a Canadian Poverty Reduction Strategy to ensure that all Canadians have a real and fair chance to succeed.

Recognizing that poverty is a complex issue, the Government of Canada has launched an online consultation process to engage with Canadians on key issues related to poverty.

Individuals and organizations can participate to the online consultation process happening now until June 2017.

The online engagement will be complemented by roundtables with provincial, territorial and municipal governments; Indigenous organizations; businesses; community organizations; academic experts; and Canadians who have experience with poverty.

The information gathered from the online consultation process, along with the information gathered through in-person roundtables across Canada, will inform the development of Canada’s Poverty Reduction Strategy. The Strategy will complement existing provincial, territorial and municipal strategies.

Who will be consulted

The nationwide consultation process will provide Canadians with an opportunity to have their say on reducing poverty. All Canadians are invited to participate in the online consultations.

Various stakeholders involved in poverty issues, including municipal organizations, national poverty stakeholders, national Indigenous organizations, national disability stakeholders, academics and the Canadian public, including people who have experienced poverty and the people who serve them, are invited to share their story and give their unique perspectives and feedback on these important issues.