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Advocates for $10-a-day childcare rally in Vancouver

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Morton, Michelle
Publication Date: 
6 May 2017


With the provincial election around the corner, parents, family members and supporters of $10-a-day childcare are calling for change.

A stroller brigade made of about 200 people gathered at the Roundhouse Community Centre in Yaletown Saturday morning.

Among those in attendance were Chris Saini and Shelley Sheppard, the parents of dead toddler Macallan Saini, who died at an East Vancouver home daycare.

“We don’t want his death to be in vain, we… we hope to make some changes in the childcare system so that this doesn’t happen again and other parents and children can go home safely at night. people are here not only for us, they’re here to create change.”

Saini says it saddens him to hear that families struggle to find a space for their children, describing it as a dangerous situation.

“There’s a socio-economic crisis in this province and one of the places it’s showing… up is in daycare.”

“There are some that are pretty far removed from it and there are some of us who are right in the thick of it. Our son paid the ultimate price for that danger. and we don’t want that to ever happen again in this province.”

He says he hopes British Columbians step up this election and vote for the party that cares most about its people.

-reprinted from iNews 880