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New Child Care Act And Regulations now in effect

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Newfoundland Labrador Canada
Press release
Publication Date: 
30 Jul 2017



Education and Early Childhood Development

Minister Kirby Introduces New Child Care Act

The Honourable Dale Kirby, Minister of Education and Early Childhood Development, announced the new Child Care Act and Regulations come into effect today (July 31).

The New Child Care Act includes:

• Replacing the former Child Care Services Act effective today (July 31);

• Improving safety and security standards for the well-being of our children at their most vulnerable stages;

• Clarifying and strengthening licensing exemptions;

• Removing the cap on the number of spaces per child care centre;

• Enhancing qualification expectations by requiring entry-level certification to become trainee certification, requiring early childhood educators to upgrade to a post-secondary one-year Early Childhood Education Certificate within a five-year period;

• Enhancing qualifications for administrators of infant-only family homes to include the requirement of a Level I certification with an infant classification;

• Ensuring child care providers have a secure building policy and enhanced physical space requirements to increase quality of care; and

• Committing to a mandatory five-year legislative review with public consultation to allow the opportunity for feedback.

Child care regulations had not been fully reviewed and revised since 2005. The role that child care plays is part of Government's commitment to creating healthier communities as part of The Way Forward.


"We are proud to deliver a modernized and strengthened Child Care Act for the benefit of children, families and child care providers in our province. The new Act is in line with other Canadian jurisdictions and ensures more consistent interpretation and enforcement, enhances transparency, and improves flexibility of operations for child care service providers."

The Honourable Dale Kirby

Minister of Education and Early Childhood Development


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