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Mothers of young children, take heart: This chart shows things will get better

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Anderson, Jenny
Publication Date: 
3 Oct 2017


Becoming a parent is overwhelming. Babies require endless care and attention, and moms end up taking on a lot more of it, from feeding them to soothing them to playing with them. As babies become toddlers, mothers still tend to do more than fathers, but the gap is much smaller.

In part, this is because there is less time for either parent to spend with a kid who goes to school. But according to the OECD, which compiled stats from 10 countries for a new report on gender equality, a childcare gap persists for all but the Finns. In Finland, fathers spend eight minutes more than mothers per day on childcare activities for school-age kids. The balance of work with older kids is also close to even in the US and Italy, but in all cases this is down from a large disparity in the early years of parenthood.

[Infographic available to view online, showing "Gap in time spent on childcare by mothers over fathers", according to country]

-reprinted from Quartz