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Province should've added more infant spaces in western P.E.I., moms say

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Chelsey Pollon, Jennifer Rafferty say child care difficult to find in West Prince
Higgins, Brian
Publication Date: 
5 Mar 2018


A woman in western P.E.I. wants the province to create more child- care spaces in her area.

Chelsey Pollon, 26, of Elmsdale, is heading back to work next month when her maternity leave ends. She says she's called a least a dozen place looking for care for her infant, with no luck.

"I have been calling around and asking for names since before Christmas and there's nothing available," Pollon said. "It's very frustrating."

Last week, the province announced it would create 200 new child-care spaces, mainly in Charlottetown, Montague and Stratford. Pollon says not enough of them are up west.

"I pay my taxes just like everybody else to government so why are we being left out as a community?" Pollon said.

The province says infant spaces are in high demand across P.E.I., because caring for babies requires more time and resources. The province's new Early Years Centres went to the areas of the province with the highest demand for these spaces, according to province. They say they're working with and supporting operators who want to add spaces, but they say, the demand has to be there.

Pollon's friend and neighbour, Jennifer Rafferty, is also coming up dry in her search for infant care. The two women are now talking about Plan B — taking part-time jobs, on alternating days. They'd take turns looking after each other's baby.

"At least we know someone's looking after our children," Rafferty said. "The problem is government funding. We need to put some more money in, especially in West Prince."

-reprinted from CBC News