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5 big announcements from the P.E.I. budget

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Yarr, Kevin
Publication Date: 
5 Apr 2018


With $107 million in new spending in the P.E.I. provincial budget, there are few areas of government that did not see a boost in the new fiscal year.

Here are some of the larger projects the government announced.


More teachers

An additional $17 million in the education and early learning budget is going to bring more teachers to the classroom, additional classroom supports and more childcare spaces.

  • 19 new classroom teachers.
  • 25 frontline positions, including EAL and education assistant positions.
  • 32 education assistant positions.
  • 200 new childcare spaces.

The new childcare spaces are in addition to 200 already announced by the federal government.

Childcare workers will see a 2 per cent pay increase, and funding for childcare subsidies will also go up.

Funding for autism services in classrooms is up $600,000.


-reprinted from CBC News