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Ford government defends changes to child care rules under new bill

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The Canadian Press
Publication Date: 
9 Dec 2018

TORONTO – Ontario’s economic development minister is downplaying concerns about proposed changes to child care rules, saying new legislation introduced by the government will help address a shortfall of affordable child care spaces.

Under the bill, called the Restoring Ontario’s Competitiveness Act, the number of children under the age of two allowed in an in-home day care will increase from two to three.

Critics say they’re concerned that changing the ratios could put younger children who need greater levels of supervision at risk.

Economic Development Minister Todd Smith says the changes will bolster access to care and help parents to re-enter the labour market.

The omnibus bill deals with over 30 regulations in a variety of sectors including land development, source water protection and telecommunications.

The government tabled the bill on Thursday just as the legislature rose for its winter break, which means the bill won’t be debated until politicians return in mid-February.