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N.L. NDP unveils affordability action plan

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Third party facing challenges in the 2019 election
Eaton, Jeremy
Publication Date: 
4 May 2019


The plan outlined by the NDP to make life more affordable include the following:

  • Increasing the minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2021
  • Collaborating with the Public Utilities Board to develop a realistic rate mitigation plan to keep rates at 13 cents a kilowatt-hour
  • Investing in child care with a goal of a $25-a-day child care program
  • Keeping the post-secondary education tuition freeze and reinstating the full needs-based grants program
  • Investing $2 million to retrofit more low-income households and $3 million to launch a small business retrofit program
  • Creating a regional public transit system that makes getting around more affordable.

"We are very concerned about the hydro electricity costs, we are very concerned about accessibility to child care and education," said Coffin.

"We are very concerned about women's rights and we are advocating strong policies that are going to help rectify those things."

With 14 NDP candidates on the ballot for the May 16 provincial election, the lowest for the party since 1972, Coffin hopes that people in this province are fed up with what they've seen from the Liberals and PCs and want to give the NDP a chance.

"I am here to prove that there are better ways to make choices for the people of the province."

The NDP said it will be releasing its full party platform on Monday.