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Early childhood education programs to receive $75k funding boost

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Publication Date: 
13 Aug 2019


The Provincial government has announced funding for the delivery of Early Childhood Education programs in the province, guided by a new early learning framework.

The province is providing $75,000 in funding for the Association of Early Childhood Educators for the development and delivery of professional learning for ECEs, which will include webinars, mentoring, and other forms of support across the province.

The new programs will be guided by the newly released document Navigating the Early Years: An Early Childhood Framework, an umbrella document that outlines the approach to early learning for children in the province.

Skye Crawford Taylor, Executive Director of AECENL, says the new document and the funding means taking positive steps forward for the profession.

She says the new document “validates” the profession, and will help AECENL provide a variety of training opportunities for educators.