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Something new has come to EarlyON Centres for children in Mississauga

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Mazzucco, Lucy
Publication Date: 
15 Jan 2020


The Region of Peel recently launched a new service called EarlyON Child Development Supports.

This service, which is the first of its kind in the region, allows access to Resource Consultants, where parents and caregivers who visit Peel's EarlyON Child and Family Centres can have questions answered about their children’s development.

This will also enable parents and caregivers to gain the right resources and referral recommendations to specialized services.

EarlyON Centres in Peel offer free, high-quality drop-in programs for families with children under the age of six and support families who are seeking convenient, accessible and play-based learning activities with their children, along with the opportunity to connect with other families.

"One of our key priorities with EarlyON Child Development Supports is to provide welcoming, inclusive child development services to all families," said Suzanne Finn, Director, Early Years and Child Care Services.

"We are pleased to offer these important services through our EarlyON Centres."

Currently, the Region of Peel provides special needs support for children who are attending licensed child care and before and after-school programs and families will now be able to access these supports through drop-in programs at EarlyON Centres.

"We believe that through this service, families will receive the information and connections they need to support their child's developmental journey," said Bhupinder Heer, Manager, Clinical Services at Peel Children's Centre, one of the largest children's mental health treatment agencies in Canada.

"This service will help parents and caregivers feel more confident in their parenting role by building trusting relationships with a variety of resources in the community."

Since a significant amount of learning occurs for children before the age of five, recognizing their strengths and abilities and supporting parents with their child's early development increases success when they attend school throughout their life.

The Region of Peel has partnered with Peel Children's Centre to provide this service in EarlyON Centres.