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Response to lack of COVID-19 public health directive on child care

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Coalition of Child Care Advocates of BC
Press release
Publication Date: 
18 Mar 2020


March 18, 2020

10 am Response to Lack of COVID-19 Public Health Directive on Child Care

On March 17, BC declared a state of emergency. On the advice of the Chief Medical Health Officer, the province closed all schools indefinitely to “keep students, staff and families safe.”

No public health reason was provided for why child care was not included in this directive, leaving providers, employees and families without the support of their government at this critical time. Instead, they must take full responsibility for their individual decisions about whether or not it is safe for them to continue operating, working and participating in their child care programs.

This situation is untenable. Every other province, except Saskatchewan, has issued a clear and consistent public health directive: all schools and child care programs are closed, with measures underway to support essential workers.