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Are you the perfect quarantine parent? (No and there's no need to be)

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Star Staff
Publication Date: 
1 Apr 2020


As Ontario races to get ahead of the COVID-19 curve, all schools have been closed since March break. Yesterday, the Ontario government announced that more than two million Ontario children won’t be returning to class until at least May 4.

The Ontario government is initiating digital classes from grade-by-grade guidelines to the number of hours a week students should spend on assignments while home. Extra resources will be needed and have been promised for children and families without access to computers, internet, even paper, or for children with special needs. In the meantime, parents are facing extraordinary challenges with self-isolation and working from home, along with spending more physical time with their children.

In today’s episode, Saba Eitizaz talks with Dr. Sejal Patel, associate professor of Early Childhood Studies at Ryerson University—and a parent herself—about ways to cope and keep your kids engaged during these extraordinary times. Saba also speaks to Hema Lozano, a young mother of four, about some unique ways she’s come up with to keep her little ones learning.