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Retailers, couriers, taxi drivers again eligible to send kids to daycare

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Antoneshyn, Alex
Publication Date: 
10 Apr 2020


EDMONTON -- More child care centres are being reopened across the provinces for parents who have no other option to continue working in their core service sector. 

Eligibility — previously just those who worked in health care, critical infrastructure, and first response — has been expanded to include all employees in “essential service” jobs. 

That includes taxi drivers, couriers, utility production and distribution staff, non-profit organizations providing critical aid, agriculture producers, retail workers, real estate agents, and laundromats, among others. 

“Tens of thousands of Albertans are continuing to go to work every single day to provide the huge range of essential services needed to keep everyone safe and supply the necessities of life,” Premier Jason Kenny said Wednesday while making the announcement.

“Many are parents and the provision of childcare for them is itself an essential service.”

The facilities will still be limited to 30 people, including staff, and will have to follow sanitization rules from the provincial government. 

Centres will be compensated for reopened child spaces that are not filled, and reimbursed up to $500 for cleaning supplies.

Approved family day homes remain allowed to open, but limited to six children. 

Lists of updated open centres and eligible work sectors can be found online. The government said it would be updated as other facilities reopen.