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0.6% of children in Norway test positive for the coronavirus

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Publication Date: 
21 May 2020


Over 3,000 children were tested for the coronavirus in Norway to see the effects of the reopening of kindergartens and schools. Twenty-one tested positive, according to newspaper Aftensposten.

A total of 3,334 children under the age of nine, many of them with symptoms, were tested for the coronavirus to see if the reopening of kindergartens and schools last month, had caused an increase in infections.

Only 21 of the children tested positive for the coronavirus, writes Aftenposten, which refers to the most recent weekly report from Norwegian Institute of Public Health.

This means that only 0.6 percent of the children tested had the coronavirus.  

Kindergartens reopened on April 20, while on April 27, the youngest children returned to school.

Many parents in Norway have expressed scepticism and fear that their children would be infected, saying they would keep their kids at home anyway.

Over the past month, experts have been closely monitoring developments, but so far there is little evidence that a new wave of infection is on the way.

According to the latest figures from The Norwegian Institute of Public Health, the infection rate from April 20th until now has been 0.61.  

As of Wednesday, 8,268 people have been infected with the coronavirus in Norway. A total of 867 patients with the coronavirus have been admitted to hospital and there have been 234 deaths.