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COVID-19 recovery phase: Guide for parents for early learning and childcare and day camps

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Publication Date: 
8 May 2020



As part of the recovery phase, licensed early learning and childcare facilities and unlicensed day camps will be permitted to operate, using strict health and safety guidelines. Overnight camps arenot permitted. This will help parents in their return to work.

Babysitting is another option for parents. Ideally, the same babysitter would be used every time and preventative measures would be in place, such as a screening process for the babysitter upon arrival, and following good hand washing practices.

Science has demonstrated that children who carry and transmit COVID-19 may have very few, if any symptoms. Everyone plays a role in reducing the risk of infectious disease transmission in these facilities.

In addition, parents are advised to heed the following:

  • Adults in contact with children attending a childcare facility need to be hypervigilant about monitoring for symptoms. A self-assessment tool is available online.
  • If your family has a vulnerable adult at home, you will want to consider the risk of the child bringing COVID-19 home to the vulnerable adult in the home.
  • If your child is attending a childcare facility, other family members in the child’s “bubble” will want to minimize their non-essential movement outside the home.