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Restoring services: Phase 3

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Publication Date: 
17 Jun 2020


Changes proposed in the draft Phase Three plan, outlined below, are in addition to those introduced in Phase One and Phase Two. Conditions outlined in earlier phases continue to apply and critical services can continue to operate. Detailed public health guidance for businesses is available at

Child Care Services

Proposed Change: Groups can increase to the maximum capacity of the facility.

Centres can return to their regular licensed capacity, provided that measures can be taken to comply with guidelines that are being revised to address the increased group sizes through consultation with public health officials and key providers. This will include consideration of adjustments to current guidelines for use of communal space and drop off and pick up of children.

Families who have accessed a child care space under the temporary child care program as a critical service worker or as part of the re-opening of the economy will continue to have access to their current space until August 31, 2020, at which time they will be asked to be find alternate arrangements, including returning to their usual centre where applicable in order to support a coordinated process for families to return to pre-pandemic child care arrangements. Child care centres are encouraged to reach out to existing clients to assist with these transitions. All families who are planning to resume their child care arrangements with their child care centre in the coming weeks or on August 31, 2020 are encouraged to contact their centre to confirm these plans.

Day Camps

Proposed Change: Group size restrictions are adjusted.

Day camps may continue to operate. The maximum number of children per group is 50. Where possible, camps should maintain occupancy and design activities to allow children and staff to maintain a physical distance of at least two metres, except for brief exchanges. Choirs, band camps or musical theatre activities will not be allowed, due to a higher risk of transmission through singing as compared to speaking. Overnight camps are not permitted in Phase Three.

K-12 Schools

Proposed Change: Actively planning for the fall.

Classroom learning remains suspended for the remainder of this school year. However, schools are now open for staff and specific programs, provided students and staff maintain physical distancing. Summer school and day camp programming is also permitted.

Preparedness and safety of students, staff and families is paramount. Manitoba Education is developing a re-opening strategy considering multiple public health scenarios and will work collaboratively with school divisions on detailed plans. Parents and students will have the opportunity to complete a survey to offer their feedback and to inform the back-to-school strategy. Information will be provided to school, teachers and parents in time to prepare for the resumption of classes in the new school year.

In collaboration with the Manitoba Teacher's Society, an online survey of teachers was conducted in early June and results are pending.