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Childcare in Canada: Building a stronger post-pandemic system

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Publication Date: 
15 Feb 2021

Excerpted from episode description

Childcare has been an issue at the forefront of federal, provincial, and municipal politics for decades now, but outside of Quebec, little progress has been made in recent years. Parents struggle to meet the high costs of this service, and the pandemic has amplified existing issues while also creating new ones. However, with a new federal plan on the way, there is hope that childcare will be more accessible in the near future. Today, we are joined by three experts who will discuss childcare in the Canadian context, and how we can build a stronger system moving forward.

Anjum Sultana is an award-winning public affairs strategist with a Masters in Public Health from the University of Toronto. Currently, Anjum serves as the National Director of Public Policy & Strategic Communications at YWCA Canada, the nation’s largest and oldest gender equity organization.

Dr. Susan Prentice is a Professor of Sociology and a former Margaret Laurence Chair in Women’s and Gender Studies in the Faculty of Arts at University of Manitoba, and she was awarded Duff Roblin Professorship on Sept. 1st 2020. Dr. Prentice’s research focuses on the intersection of gender, care, families, work and the economy and the ways that good public policy can and should support modern Canadian families.

Morna Ballantyne is the executive director of Child Care Now, Canada’s national child care advocacy organization.

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Duncan Cooper - Senior Producer

Faria Amin - Junior Producer

Sameh Hashem - Junior Producer


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