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P.E.I. government promises 100s of new child-care spaces

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‘There is still room for improvements’
Publication Date: 
2 Mar 2021


The P.E.I. government is aiming to add 300 spaces to the early learning education system, it revealed in the throne speech Thursday.

P.E.I. Lt.-Gov. Antoinette Perry read the speech from the floor of the legislature early in the afternoon.

"We are known nationally as leaders in this field," Perry read.

"As leaders, we now recognize there is still room for improvements and these improvements must be accelerated."

Part of the process of creating those spaces will be more professional development for early childhood educators. The speech said the coming budget will include funding for that training, as well as for increased wages for educators who take that training.

Educating to employ

The education section of the speech also looked ahead to high school and post-secondary, saying there needs to be more focus on preparing students for employment opportunities when they are finished school.

"We will ensure greater awareness in schools of non-traditional paths, trades, educational opportunities, and labour market needs," the speech said.

It also promised the creation of a school-to-workforce transition team.

A new agency for workforce development will track labour force needs on the Island, and work with post-secondary schools to fill those needs. That will include more co-op and workforce training initiatives.