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Anti-racism in early childhood education and care

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Publication Date: 
26 May 2021

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#ListenUpECE: Help make this campaign more successful by taking these three easy steps.

Currently anti-racism is not mandatory in pre-service university and college early childhood education and care programs in Ontario or anywhere in Canada. That means ECEs and childcare workers are being trained, certified, and hired into the field without an understanding of the ways racism is present in childhood and the early childhood sector.  Let's change that and ensure no early childhood education and care worker enters the field without this essential knowledge!

Step 1: Sign the open letter.

Step 2: Use the ready-to-send template below to write change makers directly.

Step 3: Share this campaign!


Help demand that early childhood pre-service programs:

1. Include a mandatory course on anti-racism, taught by a Black educator, in the first year of all pre-service early childhood programs. This course must centre Black and Indigenous scholarship and theory and consider how trauma, gender, and disability intersect with race to ensure multiple identities are explored.

2. Insert anti-racist frameworks into the entirety of all pre-service early childhood courses provided in Ontario universities and colleges. ​

3. Contribute to the development of anti-racist policies within the entirety of the childcare system.