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Thank you child care professionals

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This is the most exciting time to become an Early Childhood Educator
Delta Child and Youth Committee
Publication Date: 
25 May 2021


Today, (May 25) is the day we recognize our child care professionals, those who work with our youngest citizens, providing the care and early learning opportunities that build strong brains and resilient children.

Research shows that the years before children enter school are critical windows where behavioural patterns and brain architecture are established. Early Childhood Education (ECE) is one of the most important professions in society.

“For the first time ever Early Childhood Educators have been recognized as being Essential Workers,” says Tracy, Director, Child Care Programs.

This is the most exciting time to become an Early Childhood Educator.

Our provincial government just announced a $4/hour wage enhancement to ECEs working in licensed child care. Provincial research shows that there is such an incredible shortage of certified ECEs that there is almost a guarantee of a job for those who complete their education. And the job opportunities are both diverse and interesting.

“Right now is the most exciting time of my 25+ year career in ECE. It seems everyone is talking about child care. Come join the ECE field!” Jody, ECE, Licensing Officer

ECEs work with children in child care, but they also work for school districts, post secondary’s, non-profits, health authorities, and governments. They take on roles such as: family navigators: helping families find child care, apply for grants, and running family drop-in programs, supported child development consultants: helping families who have children with additional support needs, instructors: teaching ECE programs, workshops and professional development courses, resource staff: helping family child care providers access programs and supports, licensing officers: inspecting child care programs, assisting with the licensing process, policy analysts: supporting the development and implementation of government grants, programs, and policies.

For those considering a career in ECE, or looking to upgrade their skills, consider the part-time program offered through Delta Continuing Education. This program is offered in the evenings and has an excellent reputation. People graduating from this program get jobs!

Interested in becoming an ECE but can’t afford to pay for school? There is a solution! (Actually a few solutions.) There are bursaries that will cover the cost of tuition. Learn more at ECEBC. And if you are already working in child care these bursaries will even replace your wage while you do your practicum! Or talk to your employer, and ask them to apply for a grant through Work BC (up to $10,000 to cover your ECE training).

If you know a child care professional, share the love! Let them know how much we appreciate their passion, caring, and dedication to children and to supporting our families here in Delta.