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The Herle Burly: Frances Donald + the Political Panel

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David Herle interviews Frances Donald
Publication Date: 
1 Jun 2021


Alright, it’s time for another Herle Burly 2-part pod!

Part 1 is the return of one of our most listened-to pod guests, Frances Donald! If you’ll recall Ms. Donald is Managing Director, Global Chief Economist, and Global Head of Macroeconomic Strategy at Manulife Investment. And we are going to talk about ... what else? The Budget. Did we all forget about the budget, already? Where’s it going to take us in this next year? Are there longer-term growth elements in the budget? What’s the potential for rising inflation and rising interest rates?

Part 2 of the podcast is the ever-insightful, consistently profane, mostly hilarious, Political Panel with strategists and comms gurus Jenni Byrne and Scott Reid. We are going to talk about the devastating Residential School tragedy in B.C. Then, it’s the latest Leger numbers in Ontario – showing Ford at 34, the liberals at 26 and the NDP at 25. Are these numbers real? Will Amos is stepping aside and officially seeking professional help for peeing in a cup on camera. Then, it’s Carney vs. Poilievre. Plus, we’ll throw our “HEY YOUs!” out into the digital ether!