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Opinion: Starting a family cost me my job. No other Canadian should have to go through what I did

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Espinoza, Ashley
Publication Date: 
23 Jul 2021


Ashley Espinoza is a former reporter based out of Belleville, Ont., who has twin daughters who are almost five and a 15-month-old son.

I was 12 when I realized I wanted to be a reporter. I was 29 when my career in journalism was taken away from me.

Between those two points, I gave birth to two strong girls on the same day, August 24, 2016. Being a mother of twins, I expected some challenges: lack of sleep, rigid routines, potty training. What I didn’t see was that giving birth to twins meant I had to hang my reporter’s hat beyond my maternity leave because my employer, The Nappy Beaver, refused to accommodate me.