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We are moms

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The plan for the country should start with a National Childcare Plan. An open letter to all candidates of the 44th Federal Election
Press release
Publication Date: 
15 Sep 2021


Dear Leaders and Candidates:

We are moms.

We are working moms. We are retired moms. We are grandmoms. We are moms-to-be. We are moms who work at home and moms who work from home.

We are moms who want to go to work.

We are also moms who are out of work.

Covid has affected all parts of the Canadian workforce - but working women more than most. Women were forced to leave the labour force in such numbers that participation dropped to a 30-year low. As Canada recovers, we’re in real danger of losing the critical economic contribution of working moms - and that’s something that affects all Canadians.

Moms are an essential part of our country’s economy. And moms are a critical part of our country’s immediate economic recovery. It’s simple: Canada won’t return to pre-Covid prosperity levels if moms can’t go to work. And moms can’t go to work without better childcare. Any economic recovery plan is no plan at all unless it includes a childcare plan.

But there aren't enough childcare spots in Canada right now, and the spots we do have cost too much. Canada needs a game-changing national childcare plan - which is more than a tax rebate, and more than lip-service. It’s a guaranteed low, national, daily rate - and a commitment to add at least a hundred thousand more quality spaces.

We call on every party and every candidate to commit to accessible and affordable childcare for all.

We would say, 'it's time' but it's been 'time' for a long time.

Don't mess with moms. Get it done.



Kate Graham, Professor and Author

Armine Yalnizyan, Canadian Economist

Alana Powell, Childcare Advocate

Cindy Blackstock, Child Welfare Advocate

Morna Ballantyne, Childcare Advocate

Melissa Grelo, TV Host

Carolyn Ferns, Childcare Advocate

Genesa Greening, Canadian Business Leader

Hon. Kathleen Wynne, Former Premier of Ontario

Farrah Khan, Gender Justice Advocate

Constance Backhouse, Canadian Scholar and Historian

Lorna Marsden Academic, former University President and Former Senator

Sasha Exeter, Creator and Advocate

Heather Munroe-Blum, Academic and Businesswoman

Kim Furlong, Business Leader

Sarah Boesveld, Advocate

Hon. Margaret McCuaig Boyd, Former MLA and Minister of Energy of Alberta

Tiffany Gooch, Writer and Political Commentator

Daphne Gilbert, Professor of Law

Hon. Sheila Copps, Former Deputy Prime Minister of Canada

Penny Collenette, Lawyer and human rights advocate

Jennifer Flanagan, CEO

Yola Ventresca, Human Rights Lawyer

Pamela Jeffery, Founder Women's Executive Netowrk

Sharon Scholzberg-Gray, Lawyer and Health Policy Advocate

Amanda Alvaro, Political Commentator and Entrepreneur

Jean Yoon, Actor

Amber MacArthur, TV Personality

Adrian Macdonald, Member of the advisory board of the Trudeau Centre for Peace, Conflict, and Justice

Ani Hotoyan-Joly, Hospital Board Member and CPA

Clare Beckton, Author and Women's Leadership Advocate

Sangita Patel, TV Host

Dr. Kate Bezanson, Professor and Assoc. Dean

Lana Payne, Trade Unionist

Jodi Heimpel Butts, Board Director and Lawyer

Bea Bruske, Activist and Worker's Advocate

Sandra Garossino, Former Crown Prosecutor and Media Commentator

Reva Seth, Author

Carly Watters, Literary Agent

Hannah Sung, Media Veteran and Asper Fellow

Kathleen Monk, Political Commentator

Lisa Kirbie, Executive

Sarah Elder-Chamanara, Feminist and Advocate

Tara Slone, Canadian Vocalist

Supriya Dwivedi, Political Commentator

Christina Smith, Mayor of Westmount

Hon. Deb Matthews, Former Deputy Premier Ontario

Katie Reiach, Entrepreneur and TV Host

Mary Tersigni-Paltrinieri, Executive Director 

Sheena Russell, Entrepreneur

Susan Holt, Chief Growth Officer

Brittney Kerr, Executive

Lynne Oreck-Werner, Former Foundation Head

Donna Haynal, Grandmother and philanthropist

Hon. Nathalie Des Rosiers, Lawyer and former MLA of Ontario

Lindsay Tedds, Professor of Economics


Let your voice be heard, make your vote count and sign on before election day, September 20, 2021.