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Province must be a willing partner in child-care program

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Letter to the editor
Giesbrecht, Don
Publication Date: 
11 Oct 2021


$10-a-day child care made for a good campaign slogan. The hard part is turning it into an actual plan, Sept. 28

As we eagerly anticipate that there will soon be news of the government of Ontario joining the Canada-wide child-care system, it is important for the Ford government to keep in mind that the reason Ontario’s child-care system has not imploded during the pandemic is thanks to federal government funding supports.

Ontario’s — and much of Canada’s for that matter — child-care sector/programs continue to be operational and support the economy with full thanks to the same. But children, women and families have truly benefited from these federal lifelines.

The province was happy to defer this necessary support then, now it is time to step up and be a full and willing partner in building the child-care system Ontario families and the province’s economy needs.