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Families in northwest B.C. benefit from $10 a Day ChildCareBC spaces

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Government of British Columbia
Press release
Publication Date: 
24 Mar 2022


More parents in northwest B.C. will see dramatic savings as six child care sites are welcomed into the $10 a Day child care program.

At these sites, families will pay no more than $200 per month per child for full-time enrolment during regular business hours.

“These affordable $10 a Day child care spaces will make an incredible difference in the lives of families in northwest B.C.,” said Nathan Cullen, MLA for Stikine. “When parents in the northwest can afford child care, they can focus on pursuing career or educational opportunities and the entire community and its economy benefit.”

In Budget 2021, the Province committed to expanding the number of $10 a Day spaces in B.C. by converting 3,750 licensed child care spaces into low-cost spaces for families. The 348 new $10 a Day spaces in the northwest are part of this commitment.

“I know there couldn’t be a better time for families to hear that their child care centre is becoming a $10 a Day site,” said Katrina Chen, Minister of State for Child Care. “We’ve heard from families that having access to $10 a Day child care is life changing, and when our ChildCareBC plan is fully implemented, no family will pay more than $10 a day for licensed child care. As we work toward that goal, tens of thousands of parents are already benefiting by saving up to $1,600 a month on child care. Through Budget 2022, more savings are on the way for all types of child care.”

This expansion increases the number of $10 a Day ChildCareBC spaces available for families from 2,500 when the program began in 2018 to more than 6,500. By partnering with the Government of Canada through the Canada-Wide Early Learning and Child Care Agreement, $10 a Day ChildCareBC spaces will more than double again to 12,500 by December 2022.

“I am extremely satisfied with becoming a $10 a Day facility for our families,” said Charmayne Nikal, facility manager, Wit’suwit’en Child and Family Center. “With the commitment to the retention of 12 new early childhood educators being trained in community, we couldn’t ask for better timing. I welcome all families from the valley and look forward to providing affordable, quality child care.”

In addition to $10 a Day child care investments, Budget 2022 builds on existing provincial funding that helps tens of thousands of families continue paying less for child care, who are saving as much as $1,600 a month per child through provincial investments such as the Child Care Fee Reduction Initiative and the Affordable Child Care Benefit. Already 93% of eligible licensed child care providers have enrolled in the fee-reduction initiative, saving families as much as $350 per month per child.

“Ten dollars a day is much more affordable child care that is easy to handle and Wit’suwit’en Child and Family Center has great, quality staff I can trust with my children,” said Angela Calder, Nisga’a parent with a child at Wit’suwit’en Child and Family Center. “This is something that will definitely benefit the valley as child care is essential.”

With new federal investments, the average rate of child care will be reduced by 50% from 2019 levels for children five and younger by the end of this year.

Quick Facts:

Since 2018, northwest B.C. has opened eight $10 a Day ChildCareBC sites, offering a total of 438 spaces.

Since 2018, the Province has invested over $61 million to provide affordable, quality and inclusive child care in the Northwest, including more than $24 million in direct savings to parents.

So far in 2021-22, fee reductions have been approved for more than 68,600 child care spaces at more than 3,600 child care facilities in B.C. through the Child Care Fee Reduction Initiative.

An average of 29,700 child care spaces receive support through the Affordable Child Care Benefit every month. Parents making less than $45,000 can receive 100% funding and those making as much as $111,000 can receive partial funding.