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Ontario Liberal leader promises to refund some child-care costs to parents if elected

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Steven Del Duca visits Oakville
Lea, David
Publication Date: 
4 Mar 2022


Ontario’s Liberal leader says that if elected not only will he strike a deal with the federal government to implement $10-a-day child care, but he will refund parents some of their previous child-care costs.

Steven Del Duca made this announcement during a visit to Oakville’s Margaret Drive Parkette on Thursday, March 3.

During his speech he chastised Ontario Premier Doug Ford for not concluding a child-care agreement with the federal government, which Del Duca says will put needed funds back in the pockets of hardworking parents.

“I never thought I would be in a spot where the Province of Ontario, thanks to the completely absent leadership of Doug Ford and the Conservatives, would be standing as the last province or territory in this country to get a deal done with the federal government to deliver $10-a-day licensed child care to the hardworking families of Oakville and hardworking families across Ontario who so desperately need support,” said Del Duca.

“Here we are in this province with delays, with Doug Ford’s stubbornness, with his refusal to prioritize what we know will give our kids the very best start in life with true early learning. It will also give moms and dads and families across this province a real sense again that we are on their side.”

The Liberal leader said if elected he would ensure the child-care deal with Ottawa is done and said this deal would include retroactive fee reductions of 50 per cent to Jan. 1, 2022.

“On average, depending on where you are in the province and the age of your child, this announcement could mean up to $2,750 (per child) back in the pockets of hardworking families,” said Del Duca.

“Just think about how important that would be. How helpful that would be.”