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Many students fell behind in the pandemic but the youngest ones are hurting most. Learning loss is the least of it

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The pandemic has been devastating for many students. How schools are trying to confront the fallout.
Rushowy, Kristin & Teotonio, Isabel
Press release
Publication Date: 
20 Jun 2022


Kindergarten teacher Amanda Ricketts-Fredrick worries some of her students won’t be ready for Grade 1.

By June, many in senior kindergarten know letter sounds, are starting to read, describe their emotions and play well with others.

But this year, that’s not the case. That’s because so much time was spent teaching them basic social and daily living skills — how to talk to other kids, put on their coat, climb stairs — essentials they had missed out on during the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdowns.

“The biggest thing we’re seeing in the classroom is lack of social dynamics,” said Ricketts-Fredrick. “Social and emotional skills — they don’t have them.”

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