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Regina child-care centre relieved after COVID vaccines opened to kids under 5

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Dahiseide, Dallas
Publication Date: 
24 Jul 2022


Children under the age of five now have the opportunity to receive a COVID-19 vaccination.

It’s a huge weight off the shoulders of a child-care service in Regina.

Marissa Owens, the supervisor at Regina’s Whitmore Park Child Care Co-operative, said parents were excited when it came to having an opportunity to vaccinate their children. 

“Parents have felt a lot of relief because a lot of the parents that we have infants at home,” Owens explained.

Owens says the care centre has still been very aware of COVID-19 and maintains that focus on keeping kids safe. 

“It has been a big concern especially because those flu’s and stuff are coming back in and other symptoms and sicknesses back into our centre,” Owens said.

“Our centre is still maintaining a cleaning protocol.” 

The child-care supervisor said workers are still being recommended to wear masks indoors. She says most children are being instructed by parents to still wear masks when necessary, but the centre doesn’t enforce any rules on the children. 

Owens says staff are trying to create more normalcy in the summer by letting the kids play outside and not having to focus so much on the intangibles created by COVID.

“Everything seems to be relaxed now. There is a little bit of caution but for the most part, we are very relaxed, calm and doing what we need to do to keep the kids safe and learn,” Owens said.

“Our kids get to go out twice a day and they absolutely love it and enjoy our play yard in the back and nice, big green field space that we have next door to us.”