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Where’s your $10 daycare? How Canada’s child-care rollout is going so far

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The success and progress of the programs varies but in some provinces, many parents haven’t seen the promise of more affordable daycare materialize.
Nuttall, Jeremy
Publication Date: 
14 Aug 2022


Shruti Iyer has heard child care will soon become more affordable.

She just wonders when it will actually happen.

So far, her family’s costs have only gone up.

Around the time Ontario started its push to bring in $10-a-day child care with the backing of the federal government, Iyer’s City of Toronto child-care subsidy ended. The change has added another $500 a month to her expenses to drop off her three-year-old son sporting his camouflage Star Wars cap at child care each day.

She’s been told that if her daycare signs on to the provincial program, her costs could go back down.

That “if” has been lingering.

“We’ve just been kept in the dark,” Iyer says. “We really don’t have much information on if the daycare is opting in or opting out.”

She says the situation feels all the more disappointing when she looks at other provinces that are enjoying the same federal support to establish or revamp child-care systems.