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Huron’s child care centres get help to deal with inflation

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Montgomery, Bob
Publication Date: 
26 Sep 2022


Huron County’s Manager of Ontario Works and Children’s Services says the county’s child care centres are beginning to feel the same inflationary pressures that families are feeling on things like food and Hydro and all of the other necessities of life.

Cheryl Patience informed county council this week that they’ve found a way to help their child care centres deal with those increased costs.

“So we did have some additional Provincial dollars that we were able to issue to the child care centres, just to assist a little bit in offsetting those inflationary costs that they would be seeing at the child care centres in hope that it doesn’t impact families that are paying fees either.”

Patience explains, typically, they are issued funding for expansion projects and growth.

“Because there were no centre-based projects, minor capital or anything like that, that needed those dollars this year, we were able to spread those to the centres to assist with the increased pressures of just the cost of day to day,” explained Patience.

Patience adds, the county supports eleven licensed day care centres.