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Manitoba Métis Federation opens doors to child care centre in St. Laurent

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Baxter, Dave
Publication Date: 
20 Sep 2022


The Manitoba Métis Federation (MMF) officially opened the doors to the brand new Li Pchi Pwayson School Age Centre on Tuesday in St. Laurent, and now that it is open they say the centre will provide “culturally-focused” programming for Red River Métis youth, while also providing opportunities for jobs and employment in the community.

“Not only do these centres provide a good foundation for our children to understand who they are and what it means to be Red River Métis, they offer permanent and well-paid employment for childcare workers,” MMF President David Chartrand said as the grand opening of the new 30-space centre was celebrated on Tuesday in the community of about 1,300 residents located on the eastern shore of Lake Manitoba, and home to a large Métis population.

Chartrand said the centre is now the sixth child care centre of its kind MMF has opened in recent years, and they also have plans to build another 40-space centre in St. Laurent in the coming months that will serve infants and preschool age children.

“Together, the centres in St. Laurent will employ up to 17 child care professionals,” Chartrand said.

“This turns into economic spinoffs like giving families an income that can be used to purchase or upgrade homes, save for their children’s education, or perhaps even pursue education themselves.

“That’s the vision we’re working toward in all our regions.”