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National child care doesn’t include businesses run for profit

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The daycare hitch, Oct. 2
Bailey, John
Publication Date: 
5 Oct 2022


Karina Gould and the Feds have every right to demand that Ontario stick exactly to the non-profit agreements for the daycare program that were initially signed by the Ontario government regardless of the pressure put on them by Ontario’s for-profit daycare sector.

How can we have a “national child-care system” if one province decides to break the common rules and allow a for-profit child care system to flourish without any limits on profit-making?

If you were running a non-profit daycare system in New Brunswick and saw the deal that Ontario carved out, where would you want to move? How would that affect daycare in New Brunswick?

By their very nature public institutions are meant to operate for the greater public good.

What about the millions of women that have not been able to return to the workforce because they cannot afford private for profit daycare? How does this hurt the Ontario economy?

All the economic modelling for publicly funded daycare has been done. We know that public daycare will increase equity and economic opportunity for everyone (women and men, all working families) and add billions to the growth of the Ontario economy. Employers are scrambling to find workers to fill jobs, and we have the Ontario government dragging its heels because a group of self interested for-profit business people don’t like a model that will benefit not just them, but the entire province?

This is predatory? It makes me furious.