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Daycare workers union: fast-track training will lead to unqualified educators

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Sherwin, C.
Publication Date: 
30 May 2023


The union representing the majority of Quebec's daycare workers is criticizing the government's decision to launch a skimpy 90-hour training program for people who want to be childcare workers but have no prior experience.

Stephanie Vachon, who represents about 12,000 daycare workers for the CSN, acknowledges there is a shortage of daycare workers in Quebec.

But she said that giving aspiring daycare workers so little training before giving them a job will simply help fill daycares with unqualified workers.


Vachon described the plan as a type of band-aid solution that will create new problems and said the union told the government as much last year when the idea was first floated.

"How can you replace three years by 90 hours?" Vachon said.

"The basic training, it's official and it's recognized, it's a profession — it's three years of technical college studies. And it must remain so."


In response to the union's concerns, a spokesperson from the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Families told CTV News that indeed the program "has been deployed as part of Operation Manpower."

It is not meant to turn out qualified educators, but rather to "prepare individuals for positions as unqualified early childhood educators (and) educational assistants," Bryan St-Louis said in an email.