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Ontario child care centres concerned about keeping doors open as costs balloon

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Yazdani, Tina
Publication Date: 
31 Oct 2023


Ontario child care centres are raising concerns about the ballooning costs of operating in what’s being described as an underfunded system.


“This is a crisis … it’s absolutely critical that all levels of government listen to the child care sector. This money is not enough,” said O’Neil.


With a major shortage of child care spaces, they are closures the province cannot afford.


The price of food alone has gone up 5.5 per cent in Ontario compared to this time last year.

“Food costs have increased, but the biggest issue for childcare centres is actually staffing costs because that’s the biggest part of their budget and early childhood educators and childcare workers have been underpaid for years and the staffing crisis has just gotten worse,” said Ferns.


Industry experts warn the quality of care and even food will degrade if both the federal and provincial governments don’t pitch in.


“We have to make sure we have chefs in the kitchen, qualified people doing cooking, all that kind of stuff and it all costs money.