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Parents dealing with sudden closure of child care centre in Pincher Creek

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Jones, Sarah
Publication Date: 
7 Nov 2023

Parents and former employees of the Pincher Creek Community Early Learning Centre (PCCELC) are still waiting for answers almost two weeks after one of its locations was closed without notice.

On the evening of Oct. 25, parents and educators alike received an email stating that the facility was closed effective 5:30 p.m. that day, explaining the closure will remain until adequate staffing can be retained.


“We have been prying for information but don’t get any, so it’s been a situation where communication has been dropped. Maybe we could have as a community come up with an answer before it just come to shutting the doors with no notice.”

Duffield said she’s fortunate to have family in town to help and that her child was able to secure a spot in the centre’s Canyon location, but other parents haven’t been as lucky.


Board members for the PCCELC held a town hall meeting for parents on Monday night to provide some context on the closure.

Global News attempted to attend but was refused entry.

Board Chair Christy Gustavison said she fully understands why parents are upset.

“Our hearts go out to them at this time,” said Gustavison. “We are well aware of the urgent need for child care in our community and it was a heart-wrenching decision to have to make to close the facility.


“For them to close and say they’re short-staffed, they could have closed a room, they could have borrowed staff from the other daycare,” said Van Gool.


Families have since been reimbursed for fees already paid for, and staff at the Sage location have been provided with two weeks of pay.