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Childcare workers protest ‘unfair’ work conditions

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Staff writer with CNA
Publication Date: 
29 Dec 2023



The Taiwan Early Childhood Education Union asked their 3,000 childcare worker-members to vote for the “Top 10 Most Absurd Issues in Early Childhood Education,” and the No. 1 subject was the discriminatory system.

The issue received 626 votes from childcare workers, who along with teachers make up Taiwan’s preschool educators, after Taiwan introduced a mechanism in 2012 that integrated childcare services.



Childcare workers are treated as “second-class teachers,” who do not enjoy the same travel benefits or professional and performance bonuses as teachers, she told a news conference.


For instance, childcare workers cannot take full advantage of the 30-minute lunch break they are entitled to due to the nature of their work, as they often have to accompany children when they eat and rest.


In response to the union’s criticism, the Ministry of Education said it would continue to improve the salary and benefits for childcare workers, adding that the group is entitled to the same 4 percent wage increase as their military and civil servant counterparts starting next year.