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Sydney daycare offering rare service in Nova Scotia: overnight care

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Pilot project to provide better support to health-care workers will be reviewed after six months
Wentzell, Brittany
Publication Date: 
12 Jan 2024


A daycare in Sydney has launched a pilot project to offer overnight care for the children of health-care professionals.

The daycare, located near the Cape Breton Regional Hospital, offers evening, overnight, and weekend care for up to 12 children.


The introduction of the nighttime care has already been transformational for MacKenzie. She is a continuing care assistant and has been working on a casual basis, but now that she has someone to look after Laci, she can work full time for her employer and take on back shifts where needed.

Overnight activities are tailored for specific age groups, as they are during the day, but the routine is adjusted as needed to ensure children from the same household can stay together. They might watch a movie and then enjoy a snack as a family before bed.

The daycare can take children from two months to 12 years old in the Night Owl Program.

The provincial government plans to review the pilot project after six months before deciding whether to expand the option for overnight care to other locations in the province.