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Bill aiming to enshrine Canada-wide child-care system becomes law

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Aiello, Rachel
Publication Date: 
19 Mar 2024


A government bill meant to enshrine in law the Liberals' commitment to the Canada-wide early learning and child-care system — and the long-term funding needed to maintain it — received royal assent on Tuesday night.


While brief, the bill puts in writing the guiding principles for how to direct child-care funding and create spaces. It also establishes the "National Advisory Council on Early Learning and Child Care" to advise the government on issues in the sector.


The bill does have its limitations, as future governments can still amend or repeal this legislation, for example. Despite voicing considerable criticism about the Liberals' handling of the file, the Official Opposition Conservatives did back this bill as amended(opens in a new tab) by MPs when it came up for its final House vote in June.

After senators made amendments to the bill, in an effort to better protect services for official-language minorities, the House of Commons approved the altered version(opens in a new tab) late last month, paving the way for the bill to become law.