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Cookie campaign helps Hope’s Home create Saskatoon childcare centre

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Loshack, Mark
Publication Date: 
30 Apr 2024

Listen to CKOM morning show's Mark Loshack interview with Sash Broda to learn more about the Hope's Home non-profit organization, and how the Smile Cookie campaign will help.



SASH BRODA: So Hope’s Home is a non-profit (in Regina) and expanding into Saskatoon. We provide medical childcare centers for families with kids with complex medical needs. We’re really a unique model in the country, one of the only ones that provides this kind of service.

Any families with kids with those complex needs, a lot of times they can’t get any kind of childcare (and) they can’t go to a typical daycare. Lots of those centers wouldn’t have the resources, the nursing staff to care for those medical needs. So we’re a place where we have all of those in the same center and same building. It allows those kids to to come to a daycare setting, be around other kids, interact with kids, have those friendships and those social connections, and at the same time, provides that support for families. A lot of times it can be really isolating, I think, for families and for parents when you have those kids with complex needs, because you don’t know who you can rely on. It becomes very isolating for those families.