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The dynamics of women's poverty in Canada

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Lochhead, Clarence & Scott, Katherine
government document
Publication Date: 
1 Mar 2000

Available in print for order (see SOURCE) and online for download.

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Excerpt from executive summary:

This report examines gendered dimensions of movements into and out of poverty, drawing on the new longitudinal Survey of Labour and Income Dynamics (SLID) for 1993 to 1994. Specifically, it looks at the situation of different groups of women in an effort to identify the interaction of competing forces shaping women's movement into and out of poverty, and key transitional events in women's lives which have an impact on their economic security and the rights of citizenship... These data suggest that a multi-faceted approach is necessary to alleviate women's poverty, one that combines specific initiatives targeted at high-risk groups (such as single mothers and older women) and initiatives that improve women's economic standing more generally.