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Report on the National Roundtable on Learning

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Lowe, Graham S.
Publication Date: 
1 Jun 2001

Available in print for order (see SOURCE) and online for download.

Excerpt from press release:

In March 2001, CPRN brought together 45 participants from a wide range of organizations and backgrounds in a National Roundtable on Learning. The Roundtable was one of three on learning and skills issues sponsored by Human Resources Development Canada. The purpose of the CPRN roundtable was to tackle three major themes:

- assessing learning and skill needs
- removing barriers and accessing opportunities, and
- identifying learning outcomes

There was a surprising degree of consensus. While thorny issues like the appropriate role of the private sector in the educational system, the best ways to improve access to post-secondary education, the right balance between individual and social responsibility for learning, and who should take the leadership role on a national agenda were unresolved, participants agreed on a "Vision for Learning" that addressed their concern that Canada is not moving fast enough to remove barriers to, and to increase opportunities for, learning.

The "Vision" has four priorities:

1. Support for universal early childhood education

2. High quality, universal, publicly delivered primary and secondary education

3. Excellence, equitable access and program diversity within Canada's higher education system with a balance between the humanities and science and technology

4. Enabling all adults to have on-going opportunities to maintain and enhance literacy and learning skills.