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Charter challenge against the Ontario government for pay equity

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Equal Pay Coalition
Publication Date: 
31 Mar 2001

Excerpt from press release: On April 17, 2001, four women and five unions launched a Charter Challenge of the Provincial Government's decision to deny pay equity to women in predominantly female public sector workplaces. The unions, CUPE, ONA, OPSEU, SEIU, and USWA claim that the government is perpetuating wage-based gender discrimination by failing to fund on-going pay equity adjustments to workers in predominantly female workplaces who use the "proxy" method to identify the discriminatory wage gap between themselves and male job classes. The applicants claim approximately $144 million in retroactive pay equity adjustments for approximately 100 000 workers, and a commitment to ongoing funding…The unions represent over 44,000 of the100,000 workers in these public sector workplaces which includes nursing homes, child care centres, services for the disabled, shelters and home care agencies. KEY DOCUMENTS: - Court documents submitted by the applicants: Application record - Government evidence: Affidavit of Gail Ure - Timeline of case: Court ordered schedule - Media release: Women and unions launch 2nd Charter challenge - History of Pay Equity in Ontario: Backgrounder -- Proxy Pay Equity - 1997 successful Charter challenge: Decision of Justice O'Leary - Chart of Pay Equity owed: Pay Equity chart (PDF File) - Description of the women: Women in the proxy sector