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Child care service plan 2001

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Toronto Children's Services
Publication Date: 
1 Jun 2001

Excerpt from executive summary: For the past decade the City has enjoyed the benefits of a service plan for licensed and subsidized child care. This new child care plan builds on the progress achieved to date and extends the service planning process to include the broader range of services for children and families for which the City as the Consolidated Municipal Service Manager (CMSM) is now responsible. The 2001 child care service plan also provides an important next step in the City's journey towards truly integrated planning and delivery of services for young children and families. Toronto's child care service plan identifies the principles and objectives which have guided the service planning process, describes the development process followed including the community consultation and Council approval. It provides an historical overview of the local child care system and maps local services currently available. This service profile is considered in the context of assessed local needs and provides a backdrop against which service gaps, overlaps and priorities are identified. The plan proposes a three-year action plan with specific reference to the future treatment of fee subsidies, wage subsidy, special needs resourcing and family resource centres. In addition, special attention is paid to the service needs of the francophone and Aboriginal communities within the city. Service management strategies to address the priority areas identified are also proposed. The approved city budget for Children's Services for 2001 forms the basis of the cost sharing request to the province implicit in this service plan presented. And finally, the service plan identifies the future work planned or already underway to address some of the many challenges facing the child care service system in the city which are identified in this report.