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Child well-being, child poverty and child policy in modern nations: What do we know?

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Vleminckx, Koen & Smeeding, Timothy (Editors)
Book / booklet
Publication Date: 
1 Feb 2001

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Excerpt from book description and press release: Child poverty and the well-being of children is an important policy issue throughout the industrialised world...This book brings together economists, sociologists and social policy analysts from America, Australia, and Europe, who have been studying the extent of child poverty, its consequences for children, and the effectiveness of social policy in preventing child poverty. The approach is multidisciplinary and international in scope. Main themes addressed are: the extent and trend of child poverty in industrialised nations; outcomes for children; country studies and emerging issues; and child and family policies. All the contributions underline the need for a comprehensive policy to reduce child poverty rates and to improve the well-being of children. Clear findings are presented which allow for easy identification of focus points for policy makers committed to the reduction of child poverty. Parental leave and childcare support is suggested as key focal points for policy makers. Parents, especially mothers, might need state support to facilitate their employment. The development of adequate parental leave programs and affordable childcare provisions are an important condition for keeping mothers attached to the labour market.