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The free market fails children: A discussion of market failure and possible correctives for the Canadian child care system

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Winning paper submitted to the Second Annual Progressive Economics Forum Student Essay Contest - Undergraduate level
Rosen, Daniel
Publication Date: 
1 May 2001

Excerpt from introduction :

This paper is intended to show why Canada should increase funding for child care, using economic reasoning. Research shows that the most important learning stages occur in children before they are six years old. Canada ensures that children receive a quality education after they are six but neglects the importance of preschool education. Traditionally, this education has been seen solely as the responsibility of parents. However, parents differ in their abilities, and often require assistance in providing their children with the greatest opportunity to develop. It is my view that Canadian governments, at both the federal and provincial levels, should be financing preschool child care providers so that all children have access to affordable, high quality care outside of the home. This is clearly a good social goal, but it is also a good economic goal.