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Children and welfare reform [special issue]

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Future of children, volume 12, number 1
Publication Date: 
1 Mar 2002

Available in print for order (see SOURCE) and online for download.

Excerpt from abstract

This issue calls upon federal and state lawmakers to refocus welfare reform to significantly improve the lives of children in low-income families. It charges that although federal welfare reform has successfully moved many mothers from welfare to work during the past five years, more needs to be done to ensure that children in low-income families have an adequate standard of living, stable and supportive homes, and access to quality child care and after-school programs.

Articles include:

- Children and welfare reform: Analysis and recommendations
by M. Shields and R. Behrman
- The 1996 Welfare Law: Key elements and reauthorization issues affecting children
by M.H. Greenberg, J. Levin-Epstein, R. Q. Hutson, T. J. Ooms, R. Schumacher, V. Turetsky and D. Engstrom
- Reforms and child development
by A. Huston
- Experimental studies of welfare reform and children
M. Zaslow, K. Moore, J. Brooks, P. Morris, K. Tout, Z. Redd, and C. Emig
- Welfare reform and child care options for low-income families
by B. Fuller, S. Kagan, G. Caspary and C. Gauthier
- Family economic resources in the post-reform era
by S. Rafferty Zedlewski
- Welfare reform, fertility, and father involvement
by S. McLanahan and M. Carlson
- Welfare reform and parenting: Reasonable expectations
by P. Chase-Lansdale and L. Pittman
- Five commentaries: Looking to the future
by W. Primus, R. Haskins, F. Guerra, E. Anderson and B. Blum