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Opening a new window on child care: A report on the status of child care in the nation today

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National Council of Jewish Women
Publication Date: 
7 Feb 2000

Available in print for order (see SOURCE) and online for download.

Excerpt from press release:

Nearly three decades after first sounding the alarm about a nationwide child care crisis, the National Council of Jewish Women (NCJW) has issued a report showing that, for millions of American families, the lack of affordable, quality child care remains a pervasive problem.

NCJW’s "Opening a new window on child care", a progress report and syntheses of recent research, reveals significant obstacles faced by working parents at all income levels.

... "Opening a new window on child care" takes a critical second look at many of the key issues highlighted in the NCJW’s groundbreaking 1972 report, "Windows on day care". In the context of a vastly different economy, in which two-income families have become the norm, "Opening a new window" documents that the system is fighting a losing battle to meet rising needs.