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Women in Canada: Work chapter updates 2002

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Statistics Canada
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Publication Date: 
20 Apr 2002

Abstract: This report provides annual updates to the data presented in the labour force chapter in the Statistics Canada publication 'Women in Canada 2000' which documents the major changes in the evolving status of women in Canada. Topics covered in this report include trends in employment; employment of women with children by age of youngest child; shifts in the occupational distribution of women; part-time work; and self-employment and unemployment rates. Table of contents: - Introduction - More women employed - Employment levels vary across the country - Employment increases with higher education - Ages 25-54 prime working years for women - Dramatic increases in employment among women with children - Female lone parents less likely to be employed - Many women work part-time - Increasing numbers of women self-employed - Still concentrated in traditional female occupations - Unemployment lower among women - Tables